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Invasive Species

German Garlic Mustard :

Buckthorn is not the only invasive species that we need to remove. German garlic mustard is an invasive species that is listed on our Forestry Management Contract with the state of Wisconsin. Spring-time, when the ground is wet and before seed pods develop, is the best time to remove Garlic Mustard.  The plant can easily be pulled out of the ground. Grab the plant at its base, pull slowly until the roots come out of the ground, shake off soil, and the plant can be tossed. As you walk or work around the range, anytime you see these little white flowers, start pulling. It is, also, very susceptible to herbicides like  Round-up (glyphosate). Below are pictures of what the Garlic Mustard looks like in late Spring.

It often grows in clusters.

Once the seed pods develop, it is much more difficult to eliminate. Roundup will kill the plant, but will not penetrate the pod. The seeds will "reseed" the area next Spring.  If pulling or cutting, once the seed pods develop, one must use heat to destroy the pod: stack, let dry a few weeks, and burn, or place in plastic garbage bags and throw out. The seed pods look like slender bean pods, see below: